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Are you tired of hearing, "your labs look normal!" but you're still experiencing unwanted symptoms? Our bodies are connected in mind, body and spirit. Functional wellness takes a look at the way the body is working and how systems are "talking" to each other. We don't treat any one specific condition or disease state but instead, support the entire body holistically and naturally. Instead of guessing what could be wrong, we start with testing and then develop a customized program just for you based on your symptoms, lifestyle and lab results.

Each of our functional wellness packages comes with personalized protocols, support, education, tools and private health coaching throughout your journey. You will never be alone and you will finally have answers to your question and solutions to help you feel better fast!

If you're looking to simply jumpstart your wellness, starting with our Foundations to LiveWell program is a great place to begin! 

SuperFoods for PeriMenopause (2000 x 200

30 Days to Jumpstart Your Wellness

Our Foundations to LiveWell program is a foundational stepping stone to begin your health and wellness journey, rebalance your hormones and learn to live life well! For women who desire to take control of their health and hormones ditch fatigue, mood swings, crappy sleep, unruly periods, and that stubborn weight. If you are tired of your only option being birth control or surgery, you're in the right place!


As we age and our hormones begin fluctuating and then eventually decline, we need a different approach then we took in our 20's and 30's. If you want to feel your best, it's time to take a pause, start listening to what your body is telling you and take back the control you deserve to live a happy and healthy life! 

Customized Functional Wellness Packages

Are you looking to dig deeper into your health and wellness and find OPTIMAL wellness and healing? Are you tired of hearing all your labs are normal? Let Katie be your personal health detective to uncover the hidden stressors in your system that are preventing you from making progress with your health goals! Are you tired of the:

Our functional lab tests give us the clues we need to find the root cause of the metabolic chaos you are experiencing and help us correlate your specific symptoms to identify healing opportunities and develop a strategic path to rebalance your hormones, reset your immune system and live life well! 

We start with an extensive health questionnaire to understand where your struggles are. Functional lab test kits are shipped directly to your door to complete in the privacy of your own home. Say good-bye to the sleepless nights, hot flashes, period problems, low libido and fatigue and say "HELLO" to the old healthy, vibrant and whole YOU! You deserve to feel good. It's time to take control!

- Weight gain or difficulty losing weight 

- Experiencing hormonal fluctuations?

- Hot flashes, mood swings, cravings, low libido

- Bloating, constipation, gas, indigestion

- Rashes, allergies, food sensitivities

Choose Your Customized Functional
Wellness Package

Are you excited to get to the root of your health issues and learn how to naturally rebalance your hormones and transform your health? We will be working together for 6 months to shift your body into healing mode and help you live life well!


Programs and packages range from $400-$3500.

Payment Plans are Available.

Programs and packages range from $400-$3500. Payment Plans are Available.

Start with your Discovery Call and then Select your package to get started Today!

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