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My Mission

At LiveWell Holistic Health, we believe that optimal health and vitality are priceless! My mission is to empower women with education, resources, and personalized strategic health plans (based on lab testing) that help them take control of their hormone and and resolve their peri-menopausal symptoms. I can help you take control of your life, advocate for and transform your health naturally and holistically.

Are You Tired of Hearing......

"Maybe you're depressed, try an antidepressant."

"There's no point in testing your hormones, try birth control."

"Come back in once you miss your period for a year, then we'll test."

Or the worst one of all................

"All your labs look normal. I can't find anything wrong."


I understand your frustration. I've been there! I offer a personalized approach to your health and provide a tailored coaching and guidance to help you achieve your health goals. Functional lab testing can help identify the root cause of your symptoms and allows us to formulate a strategic approach to help you no just survive the mid-life mayhem of perimenopausal symptoms but THRIVE. You don't have to suffer or grin and bear it! Peri menopausal symptoms may be common but they are NOT normal and you don't have to suffer through these years!


Let Katie help you take control of your life and live well.

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Meet Katie Redding, FDN-P

Empowering Women to Live Life Well

Katie has been passionately serving her community and assisting them in Getting Well and Staying Well as a Certified Health Coach for over 12 years. After spending 14 years as a licensed nurse, she wanted to help people prevent their disease and learn how to heal their bodies with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her nursing knowledge and extensive health coaching experience come together in the signature program she created called Foundations to LiveWell to help empower people with knowledge and resources to take control of their health and wellness and live longer and fuller lives!


After becoming frustrated with her own health journey of knocking on practitioner's doors just to hear time and time again that everything "looked normal", Katie discovered holistic and functional wellness which turned the key to unlock a full and rich life of vitality and wellness. Katie is now a Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and excited to help others get to the root of their internal metabolic chaos and learn to live life well. She believes every person has the ability to take control of their health and heal their bodies if they just have the right tools, resources, education and support. So, stop being frustrated by the "everything looks normal" line and get back to the beautiful and vibrant life you've been missing. Katie puts on her detective hat with each case she reviews . 


Katie is a busy wife to her amazing husband Josh of 23 years and mom to three awesome kids, Brady, Luke and Talia! When she's not helping people LiveWell, Katie can be found on the golf course, ballroom dance floor or camping in the mountains!

Meet Katie

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY...... your symptoms are real!


Mid-Life can be a frustrating time of struggle, imbalance and chaos OR can be a beautiful season to pause, reset, and rebalance, living life to the fullest. If you feel like you are too young to be thinking about "mid-life" but you are struggling with symptoms that just won't go away, you are in the right place. Peri-menopause can begin 10-12 years BEFORE your last period and symptoms can continue 10 or more years AFTER menopause. Instead of struggling through symptoms, hearing from your practitioner "all your labs are normal" or "just grin and bear it", why not explore how you can live life well in this season! Let me be the first to tell you, you are not crazy! There are over 70 symptoms a woman can experience as she beings her transition into her second stage of life. But the good news is, you don't have to grin and bear it! 

I know that knowledge is power! So my mission is to empower you with the education, tools and support you need to take control of your health journey and be your own health advocate. Our signature Foundations to LiveWell program is a great starting point to learn the basics of health and vitality and jumpstart your wellness, while our Functional Lab Testing Packages help you dig deeper to find the root of your health issues and develop a specific plan to rebalance the chaos, reduce your hormonal symptoms and treat your self holistically!


The symptoms you are experiencing are common but they are NOT NORMAL. 

Any of these sound familiar?

Live.Life.well (2).png

Low Energy & Libido

Low energy and or low libido are common symptoms of hormone dysregulation. Want your energy and vitality back? It's possible to regain your energy as we rebalance your hormones.

Mood Swings & Sleep Troubles

Sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, mood swings and just not feeling like yourself are all frequent complaints I hear. Fluctuations in hormones during the years leading up to menopause can be a roller coaster.

Weight Gain

Are you struggling to lose weight no matter how hard you try? Are the "old tricks" not working anymore? Weight loss resistance, estrogen dominance and imbalanced hormones make our old stand by "diets" less effective.

Period Issues

There are more solutions to your period issues than IUDs, ablations and birth control. Irregular, painful or heavy periods begin years before they cease. You don't have to suffer! Let's see where  your hormones are and rebalance naturally!

Digestive Issues

Bloating, gas, constipation and symptoms of IBS are common complaints you don't have to live with the embarrasing and pesky symptoms.

Brain Fog

Having difficulty concentrating and focusing? More forgetful or absent minded? This isn't simply symptoms of aging but are common symptoms women in their 30's and 40's experience during the transition.


If you're just beginning your wellness journey and looking to jumpstart your health, our signature program, Empowered Hormone Solutions may be the best place to start. For those interested in digging deeper to find the root cause of the metabolic chaos and chronic health complaints, we like to test instead of guess. Choose from one of our functional lab packages to finally have answers to your questions and prove it's not all in your head!


You may have heard your practitioner tell you all your labs are normal but there is a big difference between normal and optimal. Who wants to be normal? I don't know about you, but I want to be OPTIMAL because that's where you live life well! 

Our functional wellness packages check all the systems from hormones to detoxification to gut health, we can take a peak under the hood and then develop a strategic plan to get you rebalanced and optimized 


"I feel like a new person after working with LiveWell. Katie is so knowledgeable and supportive, and the lab testing really helped me identify the root cause of my symptoms."

— Sarah T.

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